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IIT Foundation

The objective of this programme is not only to help the students attain clarity of concepts at an early stage, but also to help them apply the concepts while attempting various examinations. This approach would also prepare students tackle various academic demands/challenges confidently.

IIT Foundation Correspondence Course enables the students to develop a logical approach and understand the concepts thoroughly by laying stress on application of concepts. The student can learn at a pace and time that is convenient to them. The comprehensive course material has been developed with great care to ensure phased and gradual learning. Every module has been developed keeping in mind the various patterns and question types that have appeared in both School / Board and other Competitive examinations.

The large number of practice exercises prepares the students to face both School / Board and other Competitive examinations with ease, since he/she would have already answered different model/type of questions. These exercises are complemented by detailed explanations.

IIT Foundation Correspondence Course is offered for below students

–  7th to 8th moving students

– 8th to 9th moving students

– 9th to 10th moving students


    • To make the students understand and master basic concepts in the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
    • To focus on encouraging students to apply the concepts learnt to real-life situations.
    • To help not only to understand better what is taught in regular school classes, but also to develop their skills. This results in better performance in board or final exams.
    • To groom students by providing inputs on Reasoning skills, Speed Maths, and Communication Skills.